Meet The Group

Becky and Emily

Becky and Emily co run Absolute Pitch amongst their careers, children and husbands!  Two of the founding members: they work together sourcing new music and venues, marketing and accounts, and maintaining the website and social media sites.

Becky is an insane multitasker: juggling three businesses, two twin boys and our crazy bunch.  She has always loved to sing and has performed in amateur dramatics, as well as completing awards in piano.  As her life got in the way, music and performance were put to the side, but Absolute Pitch is now taking hold of her life!  Any spare time is reserved for wine.

Emily is a sales manager and mother to her mini me daughter.  She has loved singing from an early age and pursued music in further education, gaining a degree in music performance.  Music then took a backseat to a career in management and raising her daughter, but since Absolute Pitch was founded she is reliving her passion.  When she isn't sourcing backing tracks and arranging songs, she's having a cheeky glass of prosecco.

Amy and Sophie

Amy and Sophie are our resident harmony queens!

Amy is a talented singer with a crazily-good ability to pick up a harmony in any song we try.  She has entered and won many singing competitions in her own right.  A recent highlight for Amy was reaching the finals of SouthWest's Got Talent, where she was praised by audience and judges.  She is a trained dancer, and desperately tries to get the rest of us moving with no success yet!  Never work with children or animals doesn't apply to our Amy: she adores her challenging career working with children with additional needs, as well as taking care of her horses.

Sophie was born with powerhouse vocals and amazing cheekbones.  She has sung from a young age and has completed awards in Musical Theatre.  Passionate about performance, she has taken part in various productions both on and off stage, for she also has a degree in Media Make Up and now works as a lecturer teaching the subject.  Forever busy, she also has her own business as a Make Up Artist, doing bridal and prom make up.  When she isn't with us, with her students or her clients, she's walking her dog and drinking gin, occasionally at the same time!

Elle and Shelley

Elle is one of our newest members yet has quickly settled in to become our mash up queen! Elle has been brought up around music: as well as a classically trained flutist, a family member owned their own recording label and studio and she spent a lot of her childhood going to gigs.  She loves writing lyrics and poetry, and devoted eight years to working for a homeless charity.  Now a mother to beautiful Violet and author of Him, Me, and Lady V, Elle loves developing new arrangements for Absolute Pitch as well as making sure her eyeliner is always on point!

Shelley is our Superwoman.  How she juggles what she does and still finds the time to learn her parts and lyrics amazes us all.  A mum of two boys and a sofa-destroying Dalmatian, she works full time as an accountant with a local firm, runs her own accountancy business from home, and somehow fits in learning sign language on top. Part of the Gang Show for three years, Shelley's vibrancy and sense of humour brightens every rehearsal and takes away our nerves at the beginning of every performance.

Kirsty and Charlie

Kirsty is Absolute Pitch's mother-figure.  Originally we only let her join to fill our equal opportunity quota (jokes) but Kirsty brings her huge heart to Absolute Pitch and with it her damn good taste in music.  Originally part of the Bridgwater Youth choir, Kirsty is well practised in performing in different shows and musicals.  Kirsty's life is full to bursting with animals, children, music and friends.  The loves of her life (other than us) are her two dogs: Rogue and Ozzie, and when she isn't trying to stop them from wrecking her house she is teaching children and helping with various other groups and fundraisers.  She also takes part in different productions and shows and passes on her passion to those kids she teaches.

Charlie is the latest member to join Absolute Pitch. We couldn't let her leave after she auditioned with us for 2017's Bridgwater Carnival Concerts, with only 2 hours of rehearsals under her belt. This girl is tiny, literally 5ft, but her huge personality and heart makes up for her lack of inches.  A truly creative being, she was part of Wayfarers Panto Society for a few years.  She loves musicals, dancing, restoring furniture and making clothes.  She has been with her husband for ten years, and as a mum to two under two, she lives a crazy life!  When Charlie isn't running around after them, she's having beer. Lots of beer. And probably some snacks as well.
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